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Manage Coursework

View Who Is in My Course

View everyone in your course Steps in Snap: Course > Course Dashboard > Participants Steps in other themes: Course > Participants Want to know who is in your course? The Participants page displays user names and profile pictures. Select a name to message that person. From your course, select Course Dashboardand Participants to see a […]

View Content in a Learning Object Repository

View Blackboard Open Content Items Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) is a cloud-based learning object repository (LOR) that is designed to work with Moodle. You can access Blackboard Open Content objects in your Moodle courses, just like you do with any other standard activity. Select the Blackboard Open Content item name within the activity to […]

View Reports

Track your progress with reports Reports allow you to view and track activity or view grades for courses you are currently enrolled in. Use reports to track your grades, track assignment submissions, view your forum, glossary, and wiki post history, quiz submissions, outcomes and more. Learner Reports: View data about your activity in courses. Comparison […]

Track Status and Mark a Course Complete

Track course status The Course completion status block allows you to track completion criteria for your courses so that you can measure how much of the course is left to complete. After you complete the course, you can mark it complete using the Self completion block. Navigate to the course where you want to check […]

Conditionally Released Course Materials

Conditionally released materials Your teacher can create certain conditions that you must fulfill before you gain access to other course materials. For example, you may complete an assignment early and want to start the next assignment, but your teacher may prevent you from accessing it with a date condition. Types of course materials that can […]

Track and Mark Activities Complete

Track and mark activities complete Activity completion allows you to track your work in a course. Manually mark activities as you complete them. Your instructor can also set specific conditions you need to meet before an activity automatically gets marked as complete. If activity completion is on, you’ll see checkmarks on activities and resources in […]

Open LMS Classroom

Unleash your potential with Open LMS Classroom Digital literacy and collaboration skills are critical when preparing for college or a career. Open LMS Classroom was designed to enhance your learning experience through providing powerful digital tools that improve your chances for success. Harness the power of Open LMS Classroom to experience engaging, personalized, and accessible learning that can […]

Manage Coursework

Open LMS was designed to help make online learning easy! Open LMS provides you online access to course materials and resources that help you manage your learning experience. Open LMS Classroom Track and Mark Activities Complete Conditionally Released Course Materials Track Status and Mark a Course Complete View Reports View Content in a Learning […]