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Open LMS Mobile App

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A simple intuitive interface that lets you access your content, your messages, and your due dates easily from your mobile device. With Open LMS mobile, you can: Communicate with all of your learners in one place Send Facebook-style messages and notifications Record video, audio, and take pictures Track your online classes Our app also has the following powerful features: Download unlimited content to your device – That’s right. The only limit… Read More »Open LMS Mobile App

Enterprise Matrix

What is the plugin matrix? Open LMS Plugin Matrix is an analytic tool that identifies and describes and plugins available to you. We’ve arranged the plugins into the following developer groups. Moodle™ Core Plugins: Plugins that are maintained by Moodle HQ as part of the Moodle core code. Blackboard Maintained Plugins: Plugins that are […]

SMOWL for Open LMS – Functional F.A.Q.

General inquiries What is Smowltech? Smowtech is a company that has developed its SMOWL system to help institutions maintain the quality of the activities that can be evaluated in online training using a proctoring system based on artificial intelligence, which allows verifying the identity of the user online and detecting suspicious behavior through the entire virtual learning process; thus being a flexible solution that adapts to the pedagogical methodology of… Read More »SMOWL for Open LMS – Functional F.A.Q.