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Snap font family with custom CSS

Default Snap font In the settings of our Snap theme, you can find a section to modify the font family of the platform headings, called “Heading font“. This setting changes the font used in all headings across the site. By default, the font family used in Snap is Roboto. By design, the font added to the setting Heading font should be a sans-serif font. Some examples of sans-serif fonts that… Read More »Snap font family with custom CSS

GO1 integration and offerings

Description Open LMS has partnered with the content company Go1. Open LMS’s integration with the Go1 Content Hub gives clients access to the largest eLearning library, containing 100,000 courses from over 200 of the world’s top training providers. With courses for compliance, professional development, personal growth, and everything in between, Go1 helps organizations save time and money while enhancing their culture of learning. Offering to our Open LMS clients: Complimentary… Read More »GO1 integration and offerings

Collaborate SOAP to REST migration

Description In the following months, Collaborate Ultra is EOLing their SOAP API. Due to this decision, the Open LMS team has been working hand in hand with the Collaborate Ultra team to successfully migrate customers from the SOAP API to their REST API. This migration process will now be found within the mod_collaborate plugin settings and requires a manual action of the client: to click the new migration button that will… Read More »Collaborate SOAP to REST migration

SMOWL for Open LMS – Functional F.A.Q.

General inquiries What is Smowltech? Smowtech is a company that has developed its SMOWL system to help institutions maintain the quality of the activities that can be evaluated in online training using a proctoring system based on artificial intelligence, which allows verifying the identity of the user online and detecting suspicious behavior through the entire virtual learning process; thus being a flexible solution that adapts to the pedagogical methodology of… Read More »SMOWL for Open LMS – Functional F.A.Q.