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Backup and Import Course Data

Back Up Courses Back up courses You can back up course data locally or using an Amazon S3 offsite storage. You can manually run backups or set them to run automatically. Back up course data locally Steps: Administration > Site administration > Open LMS > DB Backups DB Backup allows site administrators to download […]

Convert Content to Open LMS

If you are coming from another Learning Management System (LMS), you can use the Course Converter block to migrate your course content. Supported LMS systems Blackboard (versions 6, 7, 8, 9 and 9.1) ANGEL (versions 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4) Desire2Learn WebCT (versions 4 and 6) Overview of steps to convert content Add the Course Converter […]

File System Repository – for Larger Files

Uploading large files is now easy to do! The File System Repository allows you to upload larger files into Moodle using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). This is particularly helpful when restoring large course backups that time-out or produce errors in the user interface. To set up a file system repository, you need to have […]

Server File Repository

The Server files repository enables administrators, managers, and teachers to access files used anywhere on the site where they have permission. This area can be used as the place where files are located in site-specific context. Access to the folders vary depending on the role of each user. The Server files repository provides the following […]

Private Files

Each user has a private files area for uploading and managing a set of files. The Private files repository provides the following benefits: Organize files into private folders and sub-folders Upload files easily to the course Link or copy files into course modules Linked files only need to be updated in one place More on […]

Assign Roles

As an administrator you can assign a role to the site and to a course. Instructors can also assign roles to their own courses. This topic steps you through assigning user roles for a course. Add a role to a course user Steps: Course administration > Users > Enrolled users Users automatically receive the correct […]

Access your SFTP

Access your SFTP Install SFTP software. Launch the application. Select New session. Enter the session information – Host, Port number, Username, and Password. Set the Protocol to use as SFTP. Submit the information and select Save and Exit (FileZilla), Open (Putty), or Login (FileZilla) button. The setup is complete. More on SFTP Setup for Course […]


Administrators have access to several reports in the Site Administration block. When you add any additional, external tools to your site, those tools may also include additional administrator reports. Intelliboard Report Permissions Data Collection Admin Reports Admin Outcome Performance Report Conduit Reports Active Enrolled Users Report Offsite Backup Reports File Storage Usage Report Manual Backup […]

Courses and Categories

A course on your site is an area where a teacher can add resources and activities for their students to complete a particular class. It might be a simple page with downloadable documents or it might be a complex set of tasks where learning progresses through interaction. A course category organizes courses for your institution’s […]

Enrollments, Users, and Courses with Conduit

What is Conduit? Manage enrollments, users, and courses easier by adding the Conduit block to your site. Conduit is designed by Open LMS to give administrators the ability to automate user and course management. With Conduit you can use your Student Information System (SIS) to upload user information to your site. Conduit integrates with […]