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Administrator Questions about Open LMS

How does client development work? Open LMS is dedicated to providing tools and features that meet the unique needs of its customers. To ensure Open LMS remains relevant to the evolving needs of its customers, we have developed a Client Contributor Program to allow customers to contribute to the development of Blackboard Open […]

About Open LMS

About Open LMS We’ve taken the world’s most popular Learning Management System (LMS) – Moodle – and developed it so you can create a better Moodle learning experience. First, we host Moodle in the cloud. This provides the most reliable and scalable platform for you to build your teaching and learning on – and […]

User Tours

User tours allow administrators to create visual and positional step by step guides. Tours can be created for a wide range of purposes: to guide new users around the interface, to introduce new features, highlight important information, and to demonstrate how to use the course interface. Creating User Tours Login as an administrator. At this […]

Open LMS for Administrators Quick Start

1. Login to the site Open LMS and your configuration consultant provide you with a username and password for you to log into the website. Select Log in. How it looks in Snap How it looks in another theme Type your Username and Password. Select Log in. More on User Accounts 2. Determine authentication Authentication […]

Plugin Matrix

What is the plugin matrix? Open LMS Plugin Matrix is an analytic tool that identifies and describes and plugins available to you. We’ve arranged the plugins into the following developer groups. Moodle™ Core Plugins: Plugins that are maintained by Moodle HQ as part of the Moodle core code. Blackboard Maintained Plugins: Plugins that are […]

Submit Support Cases

Open LMS is where you can find support, download software, obtain reference materials, and manage your accounts. Site administrators have accounts created in Open LMS. You should receive an email with the credentials to login. If you don’t see that email please contact the Engagement managers at [email protected]. When should I create a […]