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US Copyright Law

Internet resources can enhance your online course content. The pictures, videos, audio, and articles you find on the Internet ARE protected by copyright law just as non-digital works are, even if a website does not include a copyright notice. Therefore, you either need permission from the creator of the work, or your use must be […]

Tips For Using Graphics

Use graphics purposefully and not just because they look good. You can use graphics to enhance other content or serve as standalone instructional elements. They can provide valuable information, such as charts, photos, diagrams, examples. They can assist in navigation with the use of banners or provide visual cues to help orient the student to […]

Writing For The Web

Reading online is quite different from reading printed material. In preparing content for your online course, you may find you have existing materials you want to incorporate. To help maximize student learning, chances are you need to do some editing to get these ready for the web. In a 1997 survey conducted by Jakob Nielson, […]