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Activities and resources

SCORM Package

Upload any SCORM or AICC package into a course. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a collection of specifications that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of web-based learning content. SCORM content can be delivered to learners via any SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS) using the same version of SCORM. SCORM 1.2 conformant packages are […]


Make your choice. A Choice activity is very simple: ask a question and specify a choice of multiple responses. Use choices to take a quick poll, allow the class to vote on a direction for the course, or gather research consent. Add choices Steps in Snap: Create learning activity or resource > Choice > Add […]


Feedback is vital for teacher and student success. Feedback is vital for fostering student and teacher growth. Open LMS has integrated a number of tools to help you get feedback from your students. Feedback Activity Survey Questionnaire


Learning is truly a collaborative experience. Collaboration is a key step to achieving the goal that you and your students share: education. Blackboard OpenLMS has integrated a number of tools to help you interact with your students. Forum Open Forum Blackboard Collaborate Chat Database Glossary Wiki Workshop Collaboration is important not just because it’s a better way […]

Edit and Manage Activities

Edit content directly at the source. Access the Edit menu to perform functions on individual items. Edit settings – open the topic settings and make changes. Move – moves the content to another location on the page. Hide or Show – hide the item from students or show it to them. Duplicate – create a copy […]


Boost student knowledge with the best resources. Resources are items you use to support learning; for example, a video of a lecture or an article to read. Post different types of resources to increase your students understanding of the content. Be sure to add videos, reading materials, and links to different web resources. Steps in […]

Assignments and Submissions

Create meaningful assignments and quizzes to engage your students. Assignments, quizzes, and other resources drive your students’ learning. Open LMS has integrated a number of tools to help you assess your students’ level of understanding and comprehension. Assignments Advanced Grading Methods Quizzes SCORM Package External Tools Workshop