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Design your course

Streams and Alerts

Stay current on course events and messages. Enabling various types of notifications for important events. You can customize the types of notifications you wish to receive and when you would like to receive them. Notifications can be delivered when you’re online or offline via the activity stream, popup notification, email and alert badge. Activity Stream Activity Stream […]

Messaging Options

Access your preferences. Steps in Snap: My Courses > Your name > Preferences > Messaging Steps in other themes: Your name > Profile > Preferences > Messaging Configure notification methods. System: Denotes either When I’m logged in or When I’m Offline. Activity stream: If enabled, will send the notification to the users Activity stream. Popup notification: If enabled, the […]

Personalized Learning Designer Sample Rules

The Open LMS team has put together a few sample rules for the Personalized Learning Designer for use in your site. You can edit them to meet your individual needs, but the bulk of the work has been done for you! Failed Quiz Rule You can use PLD to alert students when they fail a […]

PLD Definitions

Each Personalized Learning Designer (PLD) rule is made up of three parts, an event, a condition, and an action. Events Use events as triggering items for PLD rules. You can have one or multiple events for a PLD rule. You can choose if you want all or any of the events to be triggered to […]

Create a PLD Rule

Add rules to the Personalized Learning Designer Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Personalized Learning Designer Steps in other themes: Course administration > Personalized Learning Designer Select Add a Rule. Type a meaningful name for your rule. Select an Event type from the menu. Additional menus appear. They are different depending on the event. Choose […]

Topic and Weekly

Typically courses are organized by week or topic. These formats work well with all themes. Weekly format Boost Theme Topic format in Snap Theme Weekly You can organize resources and activities by week. This format creates a section for each week of a course so you can add content to it. This format is ideal […]

Single Activity

Single Activity course format The single activity format has one section, and allows the teacher to add one activity to the course. When using single activity format, you can select which activity to use for the course from the Type of activity menu. This course format replaces the SCORM format in earlier versions of Moodle, as it is possible […]

Social Format

Social Format This format focuses around one main forum, the social forum, which appears listed on the main page. It is useful for situations that are more free form. They may not even be courses. When selecting the social format, it is possible to specify how many discussions you wish to display on the course page. […]

OneTopic Course Format

OneTopic course format The OneTopic course format shows each topic in a tab that appears at the top of the course. It provides user-friendly navigation by returning to the current tab after navigating through resources. You can customize the tabs with colors and CSS to make them stand out for accessibility and visual aesthetics. The […]

Collapsed Topics

Reduce clutter but keep the content The Collapsed Topics course format is similar to Topics format except that all topics (except ‘0’) can be ‘toggled’ on and off. If your course has a large amount of topics or lots of content in each topic, collapsed topics allows you to keep all your content without forcing […]