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Design your course


What is the Boost theme? Boost theme Boost is Moodle’s new responsively designed theme based on Bootstrap 4. Boost focuses on improving the user’s ability to navigate within the Learning Management System (LMS). For example, you can move between courses with the new hamburger menu in the upper left. It also works to make editing […]

Classic Theme

Introducing the Classic theme As part of the constant evolution of Moodle, Moodle HQ removed the Clean and More themes from their codebase starting in Moodle 3.7. This change allowed Moodle HQ to focus on the Boost theme and new themes with more modern technology and user experience. The Open LMS team stated that we […]

Snap Theme

What is Snap? Snap is a theme designed to increase learner engagement and make Moodle easier to use. Designed with learning in mind, Snap presents courses in a modern and intuitive layout. With Snap’s clear workflows, you and your students can focus on the learning that matters. No more time spent learning to use the […]


Messages can be sent between users on your Moodle site. When users are online, Moodle sends messages within the Moodle platform similar to a text. When users are offline, messages also will be sent in an email. Navigation block > My Courses > Course Name > Participants Select one or all participants to send a message […]

Personalized Learning Designer

Different learning paths for different learners. One of the toughest challenges facing teachers today is being able to quickly determine struggling students and put a remediation plan in place. Our Personalized Learning Designer (PLD) is designed to help you identify struggling students faster and implement an automated remediation plan.  How Personalized Learning Designer works Each rule has an […]

Color Combinations For Great Design

1 in every 12 men and 1 in every 165 women report some form of color vision disability.1 Many of us realize the power and significance color schemes and color cues play in learning. Most of us have specific color preferences. Color blindness is only one important fact to keep in mind when devising a […]

Choose Course Format

How do you want to organize your course content? One of the first tasks in designing your course is to select a course format. This sets how your course is organized. The format you use depends on the theme you choose. Not all formats and themes work well together.  Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > […]

Choose Course Theme

Set the tone with your course theme. If enabled by your site administrator, you can change the design of individual class pages using themes. Themes are design templates that you can choose for your course site. Snap theme Boost theme Classic theme Classic theme Boost Snap Theme

Open LMS Classroom

Open LMS Classroom Open LMS Classroom is available to K-12 schools only. Your school must have purchased Open LMS Classroom for all of the features mentioned here to be available. Unleash student potential with Open LMS Classroom. Open LMS Classroom helps create powerful digital classrooms that give students, teachers, district leaders, and parents everything they need to drive student success. […]