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Advanced Grading Methods

Rubrics, checklists and grading guides are tools you can use for scoring subjective assessments. They allow you to perform standardized scoring according to specified criteria. You can also share the criteria with your students. This makes grading simpler, more consistent, and more transparent. How do I know which one to use? Checklists: Use a simple […]

Grade Scale

Scales are a way to measure or evaluate students’ performance. Scales can be created with text (verbose scales) or numbers, which may or may not be symbolic of percentage ranges, to inform students, parents, administrators, or supervisors of student accomplishments. Course administration > Grades > Scales You can add and edit scales. Standard scales that […]

Grade Categories

What are grade categories? Grade categories are used to organize the appearance and calculation of grades in the gradebook. You can filter your gradebook view by category. You can also use categories to combine grades, drop the lowest grade, and weight a group of grades. Example: Set up your gradebook to show divisions in time […]

Grading in Gradebook

Enter grades in the Gradebook Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Gradebook > Turn editing on Steps in other themes: Navigation > Grades > Turn editing on Find the student and activity you want to grade. Type grades in the empty cells using point values, percentages and/or letter grades. Press Enter or click in another […]

Get Started With Gradebook

Find your way around the Gradebook Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Gradebook Steps in other themes: Navigation > Grades Use the tabs and menu at the top of the page to manage and customize your Gradebook. From here you can change your view, import grades, or set your Gradebook up just how you like […]

Open Grader

The Open Grader is an alternate grading option that enables you to view, grade, and navigate through student submissions in a simplified, adjustable, two-pane view. Currently, only assignments and Open forums are supported in the Grader. Use advanced grading methods, such as rubrics. Annotate PDFs within the Grader. Use marking workflows and delegate grading. Teachers […]


What is the Gradebook? The Gradebook is more than just a way to record students’ grades. It’s a dynamic and interactive tool that allows you to record data, calculate grades, and monitor student progress. You can generate reports to communicate information to parents, administrators, and other stakeholders. In the Gradebook, you can provide and manage […]