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Manage users


Improve critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, and communication. In Open LMS you can assign activities to groups of students. You can also create groups of groups called Groupings. More on groupings on the Moodle website (may be available in English only) With group activities each group member works in his or her own group. […]


A role is a collection of permissions defined for the whole system that you can assign to specific users in specific contexts. The combination of roles and context define a specific user’s ability to do something on any page. The most common examples are the roles of student and teacher in the context of a […]

Class List

Class List You can add this block to a course. The Class List block displays everyone enrolled in the course. If you are using Snap, you don’t need to use the Class List block. Select Course Dashboard and Participants to see everyone enrolled in your course, their email address, and their activity. Users in bold […]