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Manage your course


The ScreenSteps filter was developed to integrate with hosted Web sites provided to ScreenSteps clients. The filter will display spaces, manuals, buckets and lessons from the site inline wherever the filtered string is found. This is useful for rapidly developing step-by-step how-to instructions to include within a user’s course. More on the ScreenSteps website The […]


This allows you to empty a course of user data, while retaining the activities and other settings. Please be warned when choosing items you will delete your chosen user data from this course forever! You can select which user data to remove at a granular level under the categories of General, Roles, Gradebook, Groups and […]

Redirect Users to Different Landing Pages

Redirect Users to Different Landing Pages The Profile Redirect block allows your institution to automatically redirect a user from the front page of the site or the My Moodle page (depending on the location of the Profile Redirect block) to a different course. The course that the user is redirected to is based on a […]

Display Courses in a Specific Category

Administrators can add courses to categories. More on course categories for administrators Courses available to you block Courses available to you The Courses available to you block is mostly used by site administrators to provide users with course navigation. You can use it for the same purpose. In the site administration area the block is […]

Course Name Filter

Administrators can create a custom course program overview, allowing participants insight into future classes & instant access once they are enrolled or if guest access is enabled. The Coursename filter works by translating the course shortname into a clickable link or button, with the option of adding that course’s summary or section overview. The Coursename […]

Publish as LTI

Publish courses and activities as LTI You can now share your learning content with external entities by using the Publish as LTI tool feature in Moodle 3.1. Share individual activities and resources or the entire course. Other systems using Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI) can connect to a Open LMS site that has published course content […]

Convert Blackboard Learn Courses to Open LMS

Prepare your Blackboard Learn course Before migrating your Blackboard Learn course to Open LMS, think about what you want your course to look like in the new system. Open LMS and Blackboard Learn organize content differently and your course will not look the same when moved. Only Blackboard Learn courses in the Original […]

Import Data

Steps in Snap: Admin > Course administration > Import Steps in other themes: Course administration > Import Course activities and resources may be imported from courses in which teachers have permission to create content. From Course administration select Import. Select a course. Pick your settings. Review the settings. Select Perform import. You can only import […]

Restore Courses

Steps in Snap: Admin > Course administration > Restore > Select a file > Restore Steps in other themes: Course administration > Restore > Select a file > Restore You can choose one of three destinations to restore the course. Restore as a new course. Choose the category where the new course will be located. […]

Back Up Courses

Steps in Snap: Admin > Course administration > Backup Steps in other themes: Course administration > Backup Courses or parts of courses can be backed up to restore into new courses, imported into existing courses, or kept as master copy for future use. Select what you want to backup in Backup settings. To backup a […]