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A simple intuitive interface that lets you access your content, your messages, and your due dates easily from your mobile device. With Open LMS mobile, you can: Communicate with all of your learners in one place Send Facebook-style messages and notifications Record video, audio, and take pictures Track your online classes Our app also has the following powerful features: Download unlimited content to your device – That’s right. The only limit… Read More »Open LMS Mobile App


How do I see my grades? You can find your grades in several places. You choose where you want to check them! Activity: Open an assignment or quiz activity to see the grade in the activity summary. Open Grader: Use the Open Grader to see grades for your submitted assignments and forum posts only. Gradebook: Go […]

Accessibility in Open LMS

Accessibility compliance Blackboard is fully committed to ensuring all products and services we deliver are both usable and accessible to all users regardless of age, ability, or situation. In keeping with our strong tradition of leadership around accessibility, our products are designed and developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) Guidelines […]

What's New in Open LMS

Release Notes for Open LMS 3.7 Here is everything you need to know about the Open LMS 3.7 release. This is a working document that is updated frequently. Check back often for the most current information! It includes details on major features, new plugins, updated plugins, bug fixes, and minor enhancements. Release schedule […]

Open LMS Help for Students

Common Issues How do I create an account? How do I see my grades? Popular Pages What’s New? My private files Create or modify content Explore All What’s New Get Started Create or Modify Content Manage Coursework Communicate Accessibility Grades


Access forums from your course There are many ways you can access forums, discussions, and posts. Go to your course and find the Forum activity. How it looks in Snap How it looks in another theme More on using forums on the Moodle website (may be available in English only) Add discussion topics Steps: Forum […]

Open Forums

Using Forums There are many ways you can access forums. Go to your course and find the Open forum activity. Add discussion topics Steps: Open forum > Add a new discussion From the Open forum, select Add a new discussion. Type a meaningful Subject and Message. Select Use advanced editor if you want to format […]

Blackboard Collaborate

What is Blackboard Collaborate? Blackboard Collaborate is a fully interactive web conferencing environment that enables you to meet and connect with your instructor or entire class. With Blackboard Collaborate you can use audio, video, and recording capabilities to stay connected. Blackboard Collaborate help for participants More on joining a session from your Open LMS […]

Participate in a Poll, Survey, or Questionnaire

Your instructors may create different polls, surveys, or questionnaires to gather knowledge for course improvement or for general discussion. These questions are available through your course. Answer a poll Polls are also referred to as choices in Open LMS. From your course, select the Choice activity to answer the poll. Make your choice and […]


The chat activity allows you to send instant messages to your teacher or fellow students when they are logged-in to the site. You can save and archive your Chat transcripts, and your teacher may also decide to grade a Chat. Use chat From your course open the Chat activity. Select Click here to enter the […]