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User Tours

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User tours allow administrators to create visual and positional step by step guides. Tours can be created for a wide range of purposes: to guide new users around the interface, to introduce new features, highlight important information, and to demonstrate how to use the course interface.

Creating User Tours

Login as an administrator. At this time, only site administrators have the permission to create, edit, and delete user tours.

Steps in all themes: Administration > Site administration > Appearance > User tours.

  1. Select Create a new tour. Configure your settings below.

Select Import Tour to use existing tours. Select Tour repository to browse user tours currently listed on the tour database



Each tour has the following Actions options:

  • View – view and edit the individual steps in the tour
  • Edit – edit the tour settings. Tours will be displayed on any page whose URL matches the specified path value:
    • /my/% – matches to the Dashboard
    • /course/view.php?id=2 – matches to a specific course
    • /mod/forum/view.php% – matches to the forum discussion list
    • /user/profile.php% – matches the user profile page
  • Export – export the tour’s full details and steps as a .json file
  • Delete – delete the tour entirely

Each tour will be configured with default step settings which you can edit in the settings page:

  • Placement – determines where the step shows relative to its matching block or CSS selector on the page.
  • Show if target not found – determines whether the step is shown or not when the target has not been found.
  • Show with backdrop – if yes, the step appears surrounded by a darkened backdrop to emphasis its content and location.
  • Move on click – if yes, the tour continues to the next step when the user clicks within the block or area targeted by the current step.

If you want users to be able to fill in forms while they work through the user tour, don’t use a backdrop.


Adding Steps to Your User Tour

In your User tour’s View page, you can add, edit, re-order, and delete steps for your tour. Select the tour name or the tour edit action icon to view the currently listed steps.



Each individual step has the following Actions options:

  • Move Up and/or Down as relevant for re-ordering
  • Edit – to edit the step settings
  • Delete – to delete the step entirely

To add a new step:

  1. Select New Step.
  2. Select the appropriate area, of the page to highlight:
    • Block – display next to a matching block on the page
    • CSS Selector – display next to a matching selector on the page
    • Display in the middle of the page
  3. For blocks, select the relevant block from the dropdown.
  4. For CSS selectors, enter the relevant selector to identify the target.
  5. Enter the title and content you wish to appear for the step.
  6. Select whether to display the step with a darkened backdrop.
  7. For blocks or selectors, choose your placement preference.
  8. For blocks or selectors, select whether to display the step if its target isn’t found.
  9. For blocks or selectors, select whether to move on a click.
  10. Select Save Changes

Your new step should now appear at the end of your tour’s current listed steps.

Watch a video about creating User Tours

The following narrated video provides a visual and auditory representation of some of the information included on this page. For a detailed description of what is portrayed in the video, open the video on YouTube, navigate to More actions, and select Open transcript.

Video: User Tours in Moodle 3.2 shows how to create User Tours.


Help with CSS Selectors

If you wish to use CSS selectors as part of your user tour, the developer tools in your browser can help you find and create these selectors.


User tours can be filtered by category, course, and course format, making it possible to target more specific areas of your site.