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CampusVue Setup

CampusVue enables institutions using the Gradebook to export the grades and attendance information from the gradebook to the CampusVue server. Using the CampusVue Integration block, you set the connection to generate the Gradebook files to the CampusVue server.


  • CampusVue Site must be installed and configured.
  • CampusVue plug-in must be installed on Open LMS site.
  • Conduit block settings must be configured.

To integrate the tool with your Moodle site, see Integrate External Tools into a Site.

Learn how to install, setup, and submit grades using CampusVue:

CampusVue Integration Administrator Configuration Guide (available in English only)

Report file details

The CSV file that the Gradebook sends to the CampusVue server includes the following information:

Course – The shortname for the course.

Student – The unique ID number that is associated with the student for CampusVue.

Title – The title for the grade being submitted, such as MidTerm 1 or Final Grade.

Grade – The letter grade that was submitted to CampusVue for the student in the course.

Date Submitted – The date that the grade was submitted to the CampusVue server.