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Collaborate SOAP to REST migration


By the end of March 2022, Collaborate Ultra is EOLing its SOAP API. Due to this decision, the Open LMS team has been working hand in hand with the Collaborate Ultra team to successfully migrate customers from the SOAP API to their REST API.

This migration process will now be found within the mod_collaborate plugin settings and requires a manual action from your admin user: to click the new migration button that will only appear to those that require migration.

Migration needs to be done by all customers that have SOAP credentials and recordings generated with those credentials. If you have old SOAP recordings but also active REST credentials, migration is also needed.

The Collaborate plugin needs to be updated to the latest version ”2022020100” for the migration to be available.

The plugin is now also backward compatible with customers in version 3.10 and above, and the updated code can be found in our Open LMS Github and Moodle’s community page.

We recommend that the migration process be done during the night or when the platform has little use since the task can take from a couple of seconds to several minutes. During this timeframe, the mod_collaborate plugin users will not be able to create new sessions or modify any existing Collaborate sessions.

Migration Steps

Please follow these steps to successfully migrate your credentials and sessions:

STEP 1: Initial mandatory configuration

In your corresponding Moodle or Open LMS environment, in the config.php file, it is necessary to add the below flags:

$CFG->forced_plugin_settings['collaborate']['logrange'] = 3;
$CFG->mod_collaborate_show_migration_button = true;
$CFG->mod_collaborate_alternative_counter = true;

The first flag forces the plugin to log every action, the second one shows the migration button, and the third one enables the alternative counter for Collaborate recordings, which is optional for regular REST users, but mandatory for migrated users.

If you don’t know how to set these flags or don’t have access to the config.plp file, please contact us via an Open LMS support ticket or contact your support provider.  

STEP 2: Logging setting to “All”

After setting the flags, within the Collaborate settings page (Site Administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Collaborate Ultra), the Logging setting should automatically be set to “All”. If not, please change it manually.

STEP 3: Migration button confirmation

The migration button is controlled by a CFG flag, which will display the migration button when set to true. The main ad-hoc task should be queued after clicking the migration button.

CFG Flag:

$CFG->mod_collaborate_show_migration_button = true;
The button will appear

$CFG->mod_collaborate_show_migration_button = false;
The button will not appear

Please keep in mind that for the correct migration of credentials, sessions, recordings, and the number of recording views, the flags from the initial configuration are needed.

Please confirm that the migration button is visible from the Collaborate settings page

STEP 4: Migration of credentials and sessions

The objective of the migration is to migrate all sessions and recordings previously generated with the SOAP API.

  • If you only use SOAP credentials, the system will automatically generate new REST credentials and migrate all old sessions and recordings to these new SOAP credentials.
  • If you already have REST API credentials, all past SOAP recordings and sessions will be migrated to the existing REST API credentials. This process should not overwrite existing REST API credentials or generate new ones.

This process is automatic and will need no further action from the admin.

Once you have added the flags, confirmed that the Logging setting is set to “All”, and that you are able to see the Migration button, please click on the button to start the migration.

Once the process is complete, you will see either the new REST API credentials or your previous existing REST API credentials in the Collaborate plugin settings. You will also be able to access migrated sessions and recordings.

Old SOAP recordings will not have the functionality of download count, as it was not part of SOAP’s original functionalities.

Important information: The migration process

The team developed different messages to alert the user of the migration progress. This message will appear under the migration button and will be showing the current status.

There might be a scenario where the migration was completed but, due to possible discrepancies in the information, some sessions were not migrated. A message will appear confirming the migration but stating the discrepancies. This message will disappear after a month.