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Edit Data in Conduit

You can manually manage the data stored within Conduit, including viewing any information, adding rows of data, changing information, and deleting records. You have access to the following tables:

  • Course: Course information
  • Enroll: Enrollment information
  • Groups: Group information
  • Group members: Group member information
  • Role assignment: Role assignment information
  • User: User information

View table information

Steps: Conduit > Edit

  1. Select Edit in the Conduit block.
  2. Select the information to view from the Conduit table list.The rows of data are displayed.
  3. Use the Filter section to limit the number of rows and select Filter.

    Select Show More to filter data by Time created or Time modified.

Edit a record

  1. After searching for the record, find the row to edit.

    You can sort the list of fields by selecting the header name.

  2. Select the Edit icon.
  3. Edit any of the data columns as necessary.Identifier fields for the table are not editable, except for the user table.
  4. Select Save Changes to commit the changes back to the external database.

Delete records

You can completely remove data from the external database by deleting individual rows or several rows in bulk.

  • To delete individual rows of data from a table:
    1. Locate the row to delete.
    2. Select the Delete icon.
    3. Select Yes to confirm.
  • To bulk delete rows of data from the table:
    1. Check each record to delete or select Select All.
    2. From the With selected menu, choose Delete.
    3. Select Yes to confirm.

Add a new record

You can add records to any Conduit table manually. When adding a record, Conduit only displays the mapped fields as values that can be entered for the new record.

  1. Select the table name to create data for from the Create new list.
  2. Type the information for each field.

    If you leave a field blank, Conduit uses the default value for that field.

  3. Select Save Changes.

Export data records

Any records from the Conduit tables can be exported in CSV and Excel formats.

  1. After searching for the record, select the rows to export.
  2. From the Export list, select the file format.
  3. Select to save the file.