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Enrollments, Users, and Courses with Conduit

What is Conduit?

Manage enrollments, users, and courses easier by adding the Conduit block to your site. Conduit is designed by Open LMS to give administrators the ability to automate user and course management.

With Conduit you can use your Student Information System (SIS) to upload user information to your site. Conduit integrates with any system that supports a Web service producer, a comma separated value (CSV) export, or an XML export.

You must turn Conduit on and add it to your site home page before you can configure and use it.

You’ll be making a lot of decisions as you set up and configure Conduit. Plan how you want Conduit to integrate with your other systems. Document those decisions as you go. The smallest decision can make a big difference in how two sites react with imported information.

Primary Features

What exactly can you do with Conduit? You can automate user and course management, password creation, manage your data, create templates, and view detailed logs.

  • User/Course/Enrollment/Group Management: Automates all aspects of user creation/update/deletion, course creation/update/deletion, enrollment add/drop, and group creation/update/deletion.
  • Password Creation: Automatically create a unique password for each new user.
  • CSV/XML Upload Format: Common, easy-to-produce data formats supported by most SIS/CRM/HR/etc. systems. Your site will be updated with all changes to the uploaded CSV or XML files on a timed schedule.
  • Restful Web Services: Manage your data with a Web services producer for your student information system (SIS). This feature allows for real-time instant updates to your site whenever an update is made in the SIS.
  • Course Templates: Create courses according to a pre-populated template. Assign a default template for all courses and/or choose the specific “Master” template for a given course.
  • Detailed Log: Stores information about data actions and errors.
  • E-mail Notifications: E-mail alerts sent to designated system administrators when processes run.
  • Load Tested: Conduit has been tested with over 100,000 users loaded and up to one million course enrollments executed.

Using Conduit