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Preferred Language Options

All Moodle sites are configured to work with two types of language packs:

Community version – These include translations of core Moodle, along with a limited amount of third party plugins. The site administrator must download these and install them on the site.

Open LMS version – These include professional translations of Open LMS components, along with some changes to Moodle and third party plugins. These language packs come pre-installed on all Open LMS sites, but they are hidden from users by default.

Available languages

These are available languages and their codes.

  • Arabic (ar)
  • Catalan (ca)
  • Traditional Chinese: zh_tw
  • Czech: cs
  • Dutch: nl
  • English: en
  • Finnish: fi
  • French: fr
  • German: de
  • Italian: it
  • Japanese: ja
  • Polish: pl
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pt_br
  • International Spanish: es
  • Turkish (tr)

Configure the preferred language choices for users

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Language > Language settings

  1. From Site administration select Language and Language settings.
  2. Select which language choices to show:
    • To show all available language choices to users, delete any codes that appear in Languages on language menu box. This allows your users to select from a list of all the pre-installed language pack choices that appear in the Preferred language menu.
    • To limit the number of language choices available to users, enter the corresponding comma-separated language code in the Languages on language menu box. This requires your users to select from a specific list of Preferred languages, determined by the codes entered in the box.
    • See the available language codes
  3. Choose a Default language from the menu. Users can override this using the Preferred language option when editing their personal profile.
  4. Select Save Changes.