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Snap font family with custom CSS

Default Snap font

In the settings of our Snap theme, you can find a section to modify the font family of the platform headings, called “Heading font“. This setting changes the font used in all headings across the site. By default, the font family used in Snap is Roboto.

By design, the font added to the setting Heading font should be a sans-serif font.

Some examples of sans-serif fonts that can be added here are:

  • “Arial”
  • “Helvetica”
  • “Verdana”

Custom fonts for Snap

The Snap theme allows an admin to modify the HTML structure of their site using the custom CSS setting, also found in the Snap theme settings. Using this tool the font family of any element can be changed.

As an example, using these CSS styles for the paragraph elements, the font family will be changed to Verdana.

If you need to use a special or unique font family, you will need to use additional CSS and add the font file to the theme_assets plugin that can be found at /admin/tool/themeassets/index.php.

In case you don’t have this plugin enabled, please ask for its activation through a support ticket.