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File System Repository – for Larger Files

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Uploading large files is now easy to do!

The File System Repository allows you to upload larger files into Moodle using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). This is particularly helpful when restoring large course backups that time-out or produce errors in the user interface.

To set up a file system repository, you need to have access to your SFTP folders. If you do not, submit a support ticket and an application specialist will provide you with your login credentials.

Create a repository location in SFTP

Login to SFTP and right-click on the repository folder to create a directory within the folder. Give the directory a meaningful name. In the image below, the repository is named “File system repository.”



If you do not see a repository folder, you need to create that directory folder first. Right-click and choose “Create new directory” and name the directory repository using only lowercase letters.





Configure the file system repository in your site.

Site Administration > Plugins > Repositories > Manage Repositories > File System > Enabled and Visible. Select both check boxes to allow administrators to create new instances and select Save.

Site Administration > Plugins > Repositories > File System > Create a repository instance.



Enter a meaningful name for the repository and verify that the correct directory appears in the drop down menu. Select Allow relative files and select Save.