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Open LMS File Storage Usage Report

Content is duplicated on the Manage Storage page.


There are two ways to find out how much storage you are using. The choice you make depends on the information you want to see.

  1. Overall usage of site storage and individual course size: Submit a request to Blackboard Open LMS for a storage report. This report shows the usage of your storage space as well as the size of each course on your site. Submit a support case on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only).
  2. Overall usage of site storage only: View how much storage your site is using. You can find this information on Behind the Blackboard and in your Blackboard Open LMS site.
    • From Behind the Blackboard: Log in. From the home page, under What’s New for, select the Users and Storage Data link in the top right corner.
    • From your Blackboard Open LMS site: Select Site Administration, Blackboard Open LMS and File Storage Usage.

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