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Open LMS Offsite Backup Reports

Offsite automatic backup reports allow you to ensure that backups are being shipped to Amazon S3 regularly. You can view the status of existing offsite backups. You can also search for individual courses to review the status, or view the status of all course backups for a specified date range.

Access the Report

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Reports > Offsite backups

  1. From Site administration select Reports and Offsite backups.
  2. Determine the Filter settings to view the status of scheduled offsite backups:
    • Type the course name in the Course box, select the appropriate course from the list, or leave blank if you want to see the report status for all courses.
    • Select the appropriate delivery Status to include in the report.

      Options include All, Unattempted, Successful, Error, and Missing.

    • Set the appropriate date for the First attempt or Last attempt the offsite backup was scheduled to ship.
  3. Select Filter and the report appears in the table.

The offsite backup status report shows an overview of transaction details for each offsite backup attempt. You can dynamically sort the table columns by clicking on any heading. The report provides the following information:

  • Course: The name of the course where the offsite backup attempt occurred.
  • Filename: The filename of the Moodle course backup file.
  • Status: The status of the shipping attempt to Amazon S3.
  • First Attempt: The date and time the backup shipment to Amazon S3 was first attempted.
  • Last Attempt: The date and time the backup shipment to Amazon S3 was last attempted.
  • Num tries: The number of attempts Moodle tried to ship the backup to Amazon S3.
  • Details: Any error details if a problem occurred during the shipment to Amazon S3.