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Submit Support Cases

    1. Navigate to the Open LMS Support Portal though this url:
    2. Once the Login page displays, login with your Open LMS Support Portal credentials.

    3. If you have forgotten your password use the ‘Forgot my password’ link to reset it.
    4. Once successfully logged in, you will be directed to your Open LMS Support portal dashboard.

    When Should I Create a Support Case?

    Clients should create a support case for:

    • System or application issues and/or errors.
    • Requests to add modules, blocks, or filters to Client site(s).
    • General help with the application.

    Create a New Ticket

    Use the following steps to create a new case in the Open LMS Support Portal:

    1. Login to the Open LMS Support Portal and click on Submit a request under the Support section shown below.

    2. Enter the emails of any people you would like CC’d on the request.
    3. Select the type of Environment (Production/Sandbox).
    4. Enter the full URL of the location related to your question or issue.
    5. Type a brief description of the issue in the Subject text box.
    6. Type a detailed description of the issue or error message in the Description text box. Include any relevant details that can be provided at the time; for example links, course names, activity information.
    7. If applicable, provide specific, exact steps to replicate in the Steps to Replicate text box. An example would be:

      Login to Site X

      Go to Course Y

      Go to Activity Z

    8. Choose the severity level of the case. Please adhere to the following definitions of the severity levels.

      Severity 1: Emergency – Production system is down. System is non-functioning, disabled, or  non-responsive.
      Severity 2: High – Product is functioning, but major components are unusable/unavailable.
      Severity 3: Medium – Product is operating close to normal, however minor components are functioning abnormally.
      Severity 4: Low – Product enhancement request, all sandbox issues, or instructional assistance is needed.

      Provide as much information as you can for the Client Support team, including if the issue is happening for a specific role or user, in a specific browser, in one location or multiple locations, and any other information that has been discovered in the replication testing.

    9. We welcome screenshots, where applicable to assist with troubleshooting, or to provide visual context to a request. To add attachments such as screenshots click
      Add file to browse for the file or simply drag files here.

    10. To finish the process, click on Submit.

      Once the ticket has been created, Open LMS Support Portal can be used to monitor tickets, as well as communicate with the Support team member assigned to the case.

Download our Full Open LMS Support User Guide