Quiz your students to measure their progress!

Continuously monitor student progress over an extended period of time with the Quiz activity.

What is a quiz?

A quiz is an assessment tool that helps teachers understand how well students are learning course material.

A well-designed quiz gives critical information about a student’s understanding of the course material.

What are some of the unique features of the Quiz activity?

The Quiz activity provides many unique options to allow teachers to quickly assess student progress.

  • Simple Feedback: Provide feedback and scores to students at different times during the quiz. Give feedback on each individual question, or provide general feedback about the entire quiz.
  • Multiple Reports: Review a wide variety of quiz reports. Reports also analyze question validity based on an aggregate of student quiz responses.
  • Question Type Variety: Choose from a variety of different question types, or randomly generate them from a question bank.
  • Display Methods: Use display methods to make the same quiz appear differently each time.
  • Multiple Attempts: Students can be allowed repeated attempts at a question and they can be allowed to retake a quiz multiple times.
  • Scoring Options: Score individual questions, attempts, and each question type.
  • Auto Grading: Give students a chance to take a practice taking a test or give frequent quizzes. Automatic grading makes your job easier!