How can I present assignments?

Create assignments where:

  • Students can type responses directly into Blackboard Open LMS.
  • Students can submit electronic files, including word-processing documents, spreadsheets, images, audio, and video clips.
  • Use assignments to remind students to complete offline course work, such as artwork.
  • Create group assignments for students to work together.

Student work is visible only to the teacher, except for a group assignment.

What about grades and feedback to my students?

When reviewing assignments, you can provide feedback. Leave feedback comments, upload marked-up student submission files, or spoken audio feedback. Grade assignments using a numerical or custom scale. You can also use an advanced grading method, such as a rubric. Final grades are recorded in the gradebook.

Why use the Assignment activity?

The Assignment activity provides some unique benefits:

  • Easy assignment grading: You can grade student assignments using Open Grader. You can also use advanced grading methods in assignment activities. You can view the number of assignment submissions, and the number of assignments missing.
  • Provide the right kind of feedback: Select the type of feedback for the assignment. Add overall comments at the end of an assignment, or upload a feedback file of changes.
  • Choose the number of submissions for each student: You can set the terms and number of submissions. Great option for assignments that need back-and-forth submissions with a student.
  • Allow for “blind” grading: Set an assignment so that student names are hidden until all assignments have been graded.
  • Easy access to submitted assignments: Snap displays any newly submitted assignments from your profile. Click on the link to immediately review assignments.