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Two (or more) heads are better than one.

Group assignments teach students how to effectively work in teams. Students demonstrate their knowledge while learning to appreciate the perspective of others.

Save some time. First, create the groups and then the group assignment.


Create a group assignment

Steps in Snap: Create learning activity or resource > Assignment > Add > Group submission settings

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Add an activity or resource > Assignment > Add > Group submission settings

Create group assignments using the assignment Group submission settings.

Set up activities for students to collaborate in when working on their group assignment. For example, Chat and Open forum.

  • Students submit in groups: Select Yes. Students are assigned groups based on the default set of groups or the groups you created. A group submission is shared among group members. All group members see each others changes to the submission.
  • Require group to make submission: If you select Yes, students must be in a group to make a submission.
  • Require all group members submit: This is off by default. When off the group assignment is complete as soon as any one member of the group selects Submit. Select Yes to make all group members select Submit before the assignment is complete.

    To turn this on select Yes in Submission settings to make students select a submit button.

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