Edit content directly at the source.

Access the Edit menu to perform functions on individual items.

  • Edit settings – open the topic settings and make changes.
  • Move – moves the content to another location on the page.
  • Hide or Show – hide the item from students or show it to them.
  • Duplicate – create a copy of the item within this course section. Change the item’s name and settings as needed.
  • Assign Roles – By assigning a role to a user in a context, you are granting them that role’s permissions for the current context and all lower contexts.
  • Delete – remove the item.
  • Personalized Learning Designer (PLD) – this is a shortcut to the PLD. To learn more see Personalized Learning Designer.

View the course from the student perspective to be sure it appears as you intended. Administration block > Switch role to > Student. When you are done testing, click Return to my normal role.

Recycle bin

Steps in Snap: Admin > Recycle bin

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Recycle bin

If you accidentally delete an activity or resource don’t worry. You can restore any activities or resources that you accidentally delete.

The course recycle bin stores the activities and resources you deleted for a specified number of days before permanently deleting from the course.

The recycle bin does not show up in Open LMS unless you deleted an activity or resource.

More on the recycle bin on the Moodle website (may be available in English only)