Some quiz questions assign automatic grades. This is based on the total grade value you gave the question when added. You can review students attempts and change the automatic grades.

Other quiz questions, such as essay questions, need manual grading.

Wondering how to know when a quiz needs grading? Jump to How to know what needs grading.


View quiz attempts

Steps in Snap: Quiz > Attempts

Steps in other themes: Quiz > Attempts

Select the quiz to open summary page. From here you can view student attempts or preview the quiz.

Decide what you want to include in the report and how you want it to look. Select Show report.

From the table you can view questions with auto grades and manually grade questions that require grading.

  • Select the automatic grade to review the attempt. Select Make comment or override mark to give feedback on the question or change the grade.
  • Select Requires grading to manually grade the question.

You can also view quiz attempts from the gradebook and quiz administration menu.