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Activity Stream

Keep track of important course activities.

The Activity stream is a live stream of course activity and an easy way to keep track of important course activities.

If you are using Snap, you don’t need the Activity stream. You can track all important activities for all of your courses in your Personal menu. There is also a recent activity stream in the course footer.

If you are not using Snap, the My home/My Moodle page is the perfect place to add the Activity stream block. This allows you to view the most recent activity from all of your courses in one place.

Streams and Alerts deliver event information based on the settings in message center preferences. You can determine your message preferences for Streams and Alerts in your profile settings.

When selecting what messages to send to the Activity stream and what messages you would like to receive Alerts for, keep in mind that you may want to make important messages Alert notifications and less important messages Activity stream notifications.

Example: You may want to know about things like Gradebook messages and messages about a recent activity that has been graded without having to navigate to your Activity stream, if so, set them up as Alert notifications. If there are less important messages, set them up as Activity stream notifications, that way you check them when you have time to review your Activity stream.