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Grade Submission

Add the Grade Submissions block

Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Edit blocks > Add a block > Grade Submissions

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Add a block > Grade Submissions

Add the Grade Submission block to a course to submit midterm and final grades for a course. These grades are intended to be snapshots of the course total grade in the Gradebook and passed to an external system.

Currently this block works with the Campus Vue integration block to submit grades for processing.

Submit a grade

Select Submit Grades to submit one or more student grades for processing by an external system.

  • Populate with course grade: This menu is used to populate one of the midterm grades or final grade with the current grades the students have.
  • Submit Grades table: This table displays the user’s first and last name, their current course total grade from the Gradebook, one to six midterm grade columns and a final grade column. The number of grade columns is set by the administrator.
  • Gradebook link: This link brings the user to the Gradebook.

You can either manually enter a letter grade into the grade field for a grade type and a student or you can use the Populate with course grade drop-down to place the student’s current course total grade into the grade column for all students with a course total grade. The current grade column lets you know what grade will be copied when you use Populate with course grade.