Open LMS Classroom

Open LMS Classroom is available to K-12 schools only. Your school must have purchased Open LMS Classroom for all of the features mentioned here to be available.
Unleash student potential with Open LMS Classroom.
Open LMS Classroom helps create powerful digital classrooms that give students, teachers, district leaders, and parents everything they need to drive student success.

Digital literacy and collaboration skills are critical for college and career readiness. Simple isn’t enough. Today’s students and parents expect engaging, personalized, and accessible education—anytime, anywhere.

What does Open LMS Classroom provide?
A state-of-the-art learning management system, driven by K-12 needs, supports personalized, competency-based, and mastery learning.

A cutting-edge HD video conferencing tool built for learning allows synchronous, digital collaboration and power-flipped learning.

Blackboard’s cross-platform learning object repository gives teachers access to open education resources (OER) such as CK-12, Khan Academy, and Curriculum Pathways. They can also share content with a global network of educators.

Our Unique Personalized Learning Designer (PLD) allows teachers to automate elements of their classrooms. Teachers can differentiate instruction with personal communications, learning paths, and remediation activities to drive student success.

Seamless integration with productivity tools such as Google, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box let teachers and learners use the tools they know and love.

Responsive design and mobile apps allow anytime, anywhere learning, complete with interactive offline access and real-time audio and video conferencing. Parents even have an app to keep track of their children’s progress.

Built-in analytics and data visualization allow teachers and administrators to make informed, data-driven decisions. They can track, analyze, and monitor learning performance in the classroom, school, or across the district.

K-12 experts guide your implementation, training, and SIS integration from start to finish. We provide all the training needed along the way, including bi-directional student information system integration.

No servers to manage. Our entirely SaaS (Software as a Service) solution lets you focus on teaching and learning instead of managing technology