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Collapsed Topics

Reduce clutter but keep the content The Collapsed Topics course format is similar to Topics format except that all topics (except ‘0’) can be ‘toggled’ on and off. If your course has a large amount of topics or lots of content in each topic, collapsed topics allows you to keep all your content without forcing users to scroll through lots of content. You can expand all the topics or collapse them for easy viewing. Collapsed topics format is the perfect format for unit lessons that cover more than one week. You can group all the unit content under one topic, regardless of how long it takes to complete, making sorting and finding unit-specific information easier for you users! Structure descriptions ‘Topics’ – Where each section is presented as a topic in section number order. Topics can span multiple days or weeks, making it an ideal setup to use for units that require more time to complete. ‘Weeks’ – Where each section is presented as a week in ascending weekly order. Weeks allows you to break your course up into weekly sections of materials for users. ‘Latest Week First’ – Where the current week is shown at the top and preceding weeks in descending order are displayed below. Your users won’t have to scroll to find the current topic, making it easier for them to quickly find their assignments and get started. ‘Current Topic First’ – Where the current topic is shown at the top if it has been set. Setup for courses with multiple topics in mind, the current topic first setting displays the current topic at the top of the page making it easy to get started. ‘Day’ – Where each section is presented as a day in ascending day order from the start date of the course. Separate the amount of required work into daily chunks to help your users set a pace and not feel overwhelmed as they progress through your course.