Different learning paths for different learners. One of the toughest challenges facing teachers today is being able to quickly determine struggling students and put a remediation plan in place. Our Personalized Learning Designer (PLD) is designed to help you identify struggling students faster and implement an automated remediation plan.  How Personalized Learning Designer works Each rule has an event, optional conditions, and at least one action. Event: What triggers the rule and causes it to run. Event examples include a failed exam, an attendance issue, and a failing course grade. Condition: What determines any additional requirements for an event to trigger. Condition examples include an activity grade range, a user role check, course login, and activity completed. If there are no conditions, the action happens automatically. Action: What happens when the conditions and events are met. Action examples include sending an email to the user, sending an email to a parent, instructor, or tutor, redirecting the user to a remediation activity, or routing the user to a missing assignment.  Combining events, conditions, and actions in the PLD creates a PLD rule. More on creating PLD rules What kinds of rules can I create? Course start rule  Send an automated email to your users when they enter the course for the first time. This email can be customized to include any message or topics you want to include. Remediated needed rule Create a learning path for users based on a quiz grade. Users who successfully pass the quiz move on to the next assignment. Users who fail the quiz are redirected to a remedial assignment for further instruction. Email progress rule Send weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly email updates to the user, a parent or guardian, or a tutor. You can include grades, attendance, and participation in the email to keep everyone informed! Attendance issue rule Send an automated email to a user if he or she hasn’t logged into the course in a few days. You can set the number of days and customize the email to the user. You can also set up redirects in the rule to route the user to the next required assignment. Course completed rule Send an email to the user, instructor, administrator, and parent or guardian when the student successfully completes a course.  Course start date rule Course editors can configure the rule to trigger up to 365 days before or after the course start date. Send an email to remind students who haven’t logged into the system, or to remind students about key deadlines. Unlock access to certain activities at key points in the course timeline or perform various functions on a time level without having to set it each term. More PLD rule examples PLD Definitions Create a PLD rule PLD Sample Rules