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Course Basics

Creating and grading a course is easy.

  1. Choose how you want it to look and feel in the course settings.
  2. Add some learning resources and activities.
  3. Use the Gradebook or Open Grader to grade completed activities.

How it looks in Snap

How it looks in another theme

Edit course settings

Steps in Snap: Admin > Edit settings

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Edit settings

When you first enter your course, go to the course settings to decide the look-and-feel of the course.

  • Add a description that informs users what they will be learning in your course.
  • Expand Course Format to decide how you want organize the course.
  • Expand Appearance to decide how you want the course to look and feel.

    We recommend using the Open LMS Snap theme. Snap lets you create modern and responsive websites for online learning. It removes the clutter and lets users focus on information as and when they need it, without overwhelming them.

  • Expand Groups if you want to allow group work in your course.

More on Course Settings on the Moodle website (may be available in English only)

Add resources and activities

Steps in Snap: Create learning activity or resource > Choose an activity or resource > Add

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Add an activity or resource > Choose an activity or resource > Add

Courses are a collection of activities and resources.

  • Activities are tasks you want students to do. For example, complete an assignment or participate in a discussion.
  • Resources are items you use to support learning. For example, a video of a lecture or an article to read.


You must decide what activities you want to have students complete for a grade. Activities that you make gradable appear in the Gradebook for grading.

You can grade directly from some activities.

You can also grade from the following areas in your course.

  • Gradebook: The Gradebook collects all graded items into a table which displays categories and course totals for each student.
  • Grader: With the Open Grader you can grade and navigate through submitted assignments using a two-pane view. Assignments and Open Forums are currently supported.