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Grading in Gradebook

Enter grades in the Gradebook

Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Gradebook > Turn editing on

Steps in other themes: Navigation > Grades > Turn editing on

Find the student and activity you want to grade. Type grades in the empty cells using point values, percentages and/or letter grades. Press Enter or click in another cell to save the grade.

Grades entered in the Gradebook override grades that are assigned automatically. If a student retakes a quiz after a grade has been entered in the Gradebook, the new quiz grade replaces the grade entered in the Gradebook even if it is higher.

How do I know what needs grading?

There are many ways for you to tell what needs grading in your courses.

  • From the activity: Select the activity to view the summary page. Select View/grade all submissions. From here you can see if a student has submitted something and grade the submissions.
  • From Open Grader: In Snap select Course Dashboard and Open Grader. In the other themes select Open Grader from Course administration. Select Show Activities Requiring Grading. Navigate through the activities and student submissions.
  • From the Needs Grading report: In Snap select Course Dashboard and Open Reports. In other themes select Open Reports from Course administration. Select Needs Grading from the Dashboard menu at the top of the screen. Fill in the information and select Generate report.
  • From your personal menu: Select Menu at the top of your Open screen to open your personal menu. New submissions needing grading are listed under Grading. The personal menu is only available with the Snap theme.

    More on the Snap theme

Can I override grades?

By default you can override grades in the Gradebook.

You can choose to lock a grade item in the Gradebook. When a grade item is locked it can’t be updated by related activity.

Can I grade offline?

Yes you can grade items offline. Select Export in the Gradebook. Pick the format you want. For example, Plain text file. Select grade items you want included. All are selected by default. Select Download.

When you are done select Import to upload your grades to the Gradebook.

Manage grade items

Use column actions to perform bulk and individual grading and messaging tasks. Actions can be viewed by clicking the action icons in rows and columns. The actions below are available for column actions. Some actions are available when viewing categories where as others are only available for items within categories.

  • Open Grader: Jump to the Open grader.
  • Module Grader: Jump to the activity grades to view detailed results.
  • Column Grader: Input activity grades for all course participants at one time.
  • Message to Incompletes: Send a message to all participants who have not completed a specific activity. All students that do not have a grade entered for the activity are added to a message automatically.
  • Message to Grade Range: Set a grade range that will trigger a custom message to be sent to students whose grades fall within that range.
  • Change all grades in this column to: Change all grades for an activity using this feature. If all students except a few received the same grade, you can use this feature to save time by only having to input the exceptions. Check Ignore cells with existing values to leave grades already entered in a column as they are, or uncheck it and replace all grades with the value that is entered. Use this to grade exception.
  • Toggle Visible/Hidden (Currently Visible/Hidden): Makes the grade for the activity visible/hidden to students.
  • Move this to a different Gradebook category: Move the item to a different category in the gradebook.

Manage students

The Gradebook is more productive with row actions to perform bulk and individual grading and messaging tasks. Click the action icon next to the student’s name and select the Row Grader or Message to student options to grade all activities for the student or to send him/her a direct message.

  • Row Grader: View and change grades for one student at a time. Quickly enter grades for all of a student’s assignments, with the option to make any empty cells=0 by checking the box. Enter the grades for the student for each activity.
  • Message to Student: Send a message to a student.