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Back Up Courses

Steps in Snap: Admin > Course administration > Backup

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Backup

Courses or parts of courses can be backed up to restore into new courses, imported into existing courses, or kept as master copy for future use.

  1. Select what you want to backup in Backup settings.

    To backup a course without all of the posts and completed activities remove the check mark under Included enrolled users.

  2. Under Schema settings choose the topics, activities, and resources to backup. All are selected by default. Decide if you want the user data for each.
  3. Review and confirm your settings.
  4. Select Perform backup.

    Depending on the size of the course it may take a few minutes.

You can now download or restore the backup.

More on backing up courses on the Moodle website (may be available in English only)