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Convert Blackboard Learn Courses to Open LMS

Prepare your Blackboard Learn course

Before migrating your Blackboard Learn course to Open LMS, think about what you want your course to look like in the new system. Open LMS and Blackboard Learn organize content differently and your course will not look the same when moved.

Only Blackboard Learn courses in the Original Course View can be converted into Open LMS courses.

When your course is converted, items in your Course Menu become sections in your Open LMS course.

We recommend cleaning up your Course Menu before you begin the conversion process. Ideally, your Blackboard Learn course content and activities are organized by topic or by week. Converted courses can be organized in Open LMS by topic or weekly course formats.

Make sure every topic or week is available from the Course Menu. You may also want to remove any items on your Course Menu that you don’t want to be sections in your new course.

More on managing your Blackboard Learn Course Menu

Courses in Open LMS can have different themes. We recommend using the Snap theme. Snap makes updating your converted course easier as you can move many items at a time. Ask your administrator for the Snap theme.

How it looks in Blackboard Learn

How it looks in the Open LMS Snap theme

How your course converts

It may help to know what everything will look like after being converted.

How course elements convert
Blackboard Learn content type Converted Open LMS resource or activity Notes
Assessments; Survey, Quiz, Test Quiz Surveys, quizzes, and test in the content area appear as quizzes in the converted content flow. Images in questions do not appear in the new quiz.

Quizzes not in a content area from the course menu are placed in separate section near the end of the converted course.

Assignment Assignment Assignments in a content area don’t appear in the new course content flow.

All assignments are placed in a separate assignment section. It is one of the last sections in the converted course.

Blog Page
Course Link Page
Course Menu items Section titles Items in the Blackboard Learn Course Menu become section titles. The titles are generic. For example, if you convert into the topic format section titles are Topic 1, Topic 2, and so on.
File File
Files appear in the content flow and are available for download.

File descriptions become pages that follow the new file resource.

Folder Label The description text of the folder is created as a Label.

All content in the folder appears in the converted course below the new Label.

Forum Forum
All forums are placed in a separate forum section. It is one of the last sections in the converted course.

Forums within a content area appear in the content flow as a Page.

Image File
Image content items are created as both a File and a Label.
Item Page
Learning Module Pages
Lesson Plan Pages The Lesson Plan description appears in a page. Each item in the Curriculum Resources tab of the lesson plan appear sequentially after the new page resource.
Module Page
Page Page
Syllabus Page In Snap, the table content in the converted Syllabus page resource appears in HTML until expanded.
Video File
Video content items are created as both a File and Label.
Web Link URL

Avoid these content types

Most content types convert successfully. However, some content types don’t convert in the way you might have expected. Others simply do not have a clean conversion. For example, Partner Content, which needs a new instance tied to the new Open LMS site instead of the prior Learn site.

This list represents those types that need replacing after conversion. Consider removing them from the source course before migration and recreate them once the new course is in Open LMS.

  • Blogs
  • Course Link
  • Glossary
  • Journals
  • Partner Content Textbooks
  • Syllabus
  • Wikis

Archive your Blackboard Learn course

Archive your Blackboard Learn course instead of exporting. Exported files don’t convert correctly. All student activity is removed from the course during conversion.

More on archiving your Blackboard Learn course

Review converted course

After your Blackboard Learn course is converted to a Open LMS course, review your course and make the necessary updates.

Only administrators can upload and convert Blackboard Learn Courses into Open LMS courses.

  • Update the section names. Each item you had in the Course Menu is a new section with a generic name. When you select the section, you can see the name used in your Blackboard Learn course at the top of the page. Select the section name to edit it. Delete the old title text from the page.
  • Select and open everything in your new sections to make sure they work and are formatted how you want them. Edit them if you need to.
  • Update the links to your videos. If you used YouTube videos in your Blackboard Learn course, those videos appear in a page resource. This causes the videos to open in the same window or tab. If you want them to open in a new one, copy the link to the video and add a new URL resource. After you added the new resource you can delete the old one.
  • Update question names. Open LMS uses the question descriptions and course id to create the question names.
  • Add images to the questions. If you used images in your question, you need to edit those questions and add them again.
  • Add grade criteria to graded forums. If you have a graded forum, we recommend recreating the discussion as an Open LMS forum and adding the grading criteria.
  • Delete extra sections you don’t want or need.
  • Getting Started. If you have a getting started section and are using Snap, move the content to the Introduction section of the course.