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Display Courses in a Specific Category

Administrators can add courses to categories.

More on course categories for administrators

Courses available to you block

Courses available to you

The Courses available to you block is mostly used by site administrators to provide users with course navigation. You can use it for the same purpose.

In the site administration area the block is called Course Categories.

If you are using Snap, you don’t need to use this block. You can find all courses available to you in your Personal menu.

Steps: Turning editing on > Add a block > Courses available to you

Each instance of the block has its own settings, and multiple blocks can be placed on a page. Give each block a different title to help differentiate between the content. The Category Display Start setting for the block can be used to display courses in specific programs or degrees.

Block views

  • Use expandable categories: Allows the block to be displayed in multiple views. These views provide flexibility in how the block is used in a course. The expandable view of the block provides a plus/minus icon for each category or sub category within the category selected. Expanding a category will display all courses within that category, depending on the other settings for the block. This provides a quick view of the courses being used.
  • Not expandable: Displays all categories, sub categories and courses in an expanded format. This provides an overall listing of courses and can be used with course descriptions to provide a course and category view of the courses the student is enrolled in.