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Activity Completion Tracking

Steps in Snap: Admin > Reports > Activity completion

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Reports > Activity completion

The report displays the name of participants and the activities in which completion tracking has been enabled. Point your cursor over the checkmarks to see the date of completion.

Activity completion is enabled by default in new installations. If you do not see this report, you may need to turn it on for your course and each activity you want to track. To learn more, see Activity Completion Tracking.

More on activity completion tracking on the Moodle website (may be available in English only)

Bulk Activity Completion Management

Steps in Snap: Admin > Course completion

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Course completion

Instructors can edit the completion settings for activities using Bulk edit activity completion. Editing an activity’s completion settings using bulk edit activity completion removes existing user completion data. Activities and resources that do not have user data associated with them are the only activities instructors should update with this tool.

Bulk edit selection

Bulk edit updates

Updating the activity completion for activities and resources containing user data will clear existing completion data. To prevent confusion, completion updates should only be made to activities and resources that do not have user data associated with them.

What happens when you unlock or clear completion data?

  • If the new completion option is manual, everyone will be set to “not completed” regardless of any previous setting.
  • If it is automatic, depending on the options chosen, the system may or may not be able to construct a correct current value for everyone.
    • The “viewed” requirement does not work. Even if a student has viewed the activity before, it does not mark completion until the student has viewed it again.

Override completion status

As part of the 3.4 upgrade, instructors, by default, can manually mark activities complete or incomplete for students in the activity completion report.