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What's New in Open LMS

Release Notes for Open LMS 3.7

Here is everything you need to know about the Open LMS 3.7 release. This is a working document that is updated frequently. Check back often for the most current information!

It includes details on major features, new plugins, updated plugins, bug fixes, and minor enhancements.

Release schedule

Downtime will be required for both production AND non-production sites during this window

What’s new

  1. Upgrade to Core 3.7.3
    • New forum features
    • Updates to the messaging interface
    • Clear my choice in quizzes
    • Media support in essay entries in a lesson
    • Updates in competencies: filters and badge criteria
    • Course custom fields
    • LTI 1.3 Advantage
  2. Storage report improvements
  3. Conduit: Enroll and unenroll users in cohorts
  4. New custom menu in Snap
  5. User interface, user experience, and accessibility improvements
  6. Important information about End of Life components
  7. Classic theme: Automated shift and documentation
  8. Updated plugins
  9. Bug fixes and minor enhancements

Upgrade to Moodle core 3.7

Recommended browsers

  • Desktop:
    • Google ChromeTM
    • FireFox®
    • Safari®
    • Microsoft Edge®
    • Internet Explorer® 11
  • Mobile:
    • Mobile Safari
    • Google Chrome

Legacy browsers with known compatibility issues: Internet Explorer 10 and below, Safari 7 and below

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New forum features

We’ve updated Core forums so you can start and sort discussions, manually lock threads, and reply inline, among other updates.

Updates to the messaging interface

We’ve introduced multiple updates to the messaging system interface which includes a 2-column view and the ability to mute conversations.

Clear my choice in quizzes

Students can clear their selections in multiple-choice questions.

Media support in essay entries in a lesson

Images, audio, and video submissions are now supported in essays within a lesson.

Updates in competencies: filters and badge criteria

You can now filter competencies by resource or activity in the rating view. You can also use competencies as criteria for badges.

Course custom fields

You can enable custom fields for Open LMS sites. These fields provide additional information and metadata for the course in the course settings.

LTI advantage 1.3

Open LMS now supports the 1.3 version of the LTI advantage IMS standard.

Storage report improvements

As part of the S3 storage migration initiative, we’ve updated the Open LMS admin report for storage to show S3 file dir usage. You now see the total used storage for your site. You can find this report in Site Administration > Open LMS> File Storage Usage.

Conduit: enroll and unenroll users in cohorts

We’ve included the ability to add, update, or remove users to and from specific Open LMS cohorts using Conduit CSV and XML files.

To configure cohort mapping, navigate to Conduit > Settings > Mappings > Conduit Cohort Users mappings.

Type your cohortkey.

Cohortkey is the header for your CSV or XML files. Your cohortkey must match the cohort name in Open LMS and must be unique.

Type your userkey.

Userkey must match the identifier for the user in Open LMS, as the cohort name, and must be unique.

New custom menu in Snap

Snap has a new customizable menu that allows you to configure additional links and navigational items. To add the customizable menu, navigate to Site administration > Settings > Appearance > Themes > Theme settings > Custom Menu.

You can customize menus to include some of these features:

  • The menu title
  • A link URL
  • A tooltip title
  • A language code or comma-separated list of codes for displaying the line only to users of the specified language

Separate items by pipe characters. Lines starting with a hyphen appear as menu items in the top-level menu and dividers are used by adding a line of one or more # characters.

User interface, user experience, and accessibility improvements

The custom menu was being displayed at the Snap footer. Based on client feedback, the custom menu should be displayed at the header as Boost is currently doing.

The Snap layout was modified to delete the rendering of the custom menu from the footer to be rendered in the navbar. With this, the proper styles and functionalities were developed.

The custom menu will have by default the same color that the site has.

And the custom menu will change the color when the category has a different color as well.

A new setting for Snap was added to modify the text color for the custom menu. This new setting is located in the navigation bar setting for Snap.

When displaying a description for certain activities (e.g. File resource) the description appearing in the Snap card fades out, obscuring part of the description. Since users may need to see the entire description a snap configuration field was added that enables an intermediate view with the full description in the resource/file and URL  

Snap Configuration field in the display course section:

File description when the configuration field is enabled.


Important information about End of Life components

Progress Bar block

In January 2018 we communicated our plans to End of Life the Progress Bar block. The block isn’t being updated by its maintainer and was replaced by the Completion Progress block from the same developer. With the Open LMS 3.7 release, the Progress Bar is no longer available. We encourage you to transition to the Completion Progress block prior to the 3.7 release. Create a support ticket and request to add the Completion Progress block to your site.

Clean and More themes

As part of the constant evolution of Moodle, Moodle HQ decided to remove the Clean and More themes from their codebase in Moodle 3.7. This change allows Moodle HQ to focus on the Boost them and new themes with more modern technology and user experience. We communicated that we would support the Clean and More themes as long as they were part of Moodle HQ’s codebase. With the announcement from Moodle HQ, Open LMS will be removing the themes as well with the 3.7 release.

If you are using the Clean or More theme during the 3.7 upgrade, those themes will be automatically removed and replaced with the Classic theme.

X-Ray Learning Analytics

We have made the strategic decision to phase out our X-Ray Learning Analytics product and focus on the evolution of Analytics for Open LMS under the Blackboard Data strategy. 

We will begin to phase out X-Ray Learning Analytics in this next year, through your current service period or until December 31, 2020, whichever is later. During this transition, we recommend that you consider IntelliBoard, which includes extensive reporting on all data available within Open LMS. This reporting includes innovative dashboards and the ability to tie multiple systems together into a single reporting tool.

Our team is here to assist you. Please contact your account executive if you have any questions or create a support ticket in Behind the Blackboard.

Classic theme automated shift and documentation

If you are currently using the Clean or More theme, these themes will be automatically removed and replaced with the Classic theme during the Open LMS 3.7 upgrade.

Moodle HQ created the Classic theme that mimics the Clean theme, but offers more modern technology and an updated user experience. The Classic theme was made available with the Open LMS 3.6 release. We encourage you to review the new theme prior to the production upgrade to Open LMS 3.7 in December.

If you have additional questions or want to speak with Open LMS support, please submit a support ticket.

More information on the Classic theme

Updated plugins

  • Big Blue Button (2019042005)
  • Checklist activity (2019061900)
  • Checklist block (2019080700)
  • Checklist grade export (2019051900)
  • Collapsed Topics (2019052501)
  • Completion Progress (2019072700)
  • Custom Certificate (2019052001)
  • Drag and Drop (2019062100)
  • Ellucian ILP (2019081601)
  • Equella (2019050800)
  • Grid (2019052502)
  • Group Choice (2019051001)
  • H5P (2019111300)
  • Hotpot activity (2019071739)
  • Intelliboard (2019112003)
  • Intellicart plugins (2019111501)
  • Journal (2019061600)
  • Level Up (2019061101)
  • Lightbox Gallery (2019061700)
  • Mahara (19.10.1)
  • Microsoft o365 plugins
  • Mindmap (2019042500)
  • Moodle Mobile additional features (2019052000)
  • Questionnaire (2018110101)
  • Quizventure (2018062004)
  • Urkund plagiarism (2019101800)

Bug fixes and minor enhancements

  • File storage usage tool shows wrong data
  • Snap Book activity printing
  • Course overview block in Snap displays wrong number of course cards per block
  • SafeAssign group submissions aren’t working correctly
  • Events Query August 27 2019
  • Create Behat tests for messaging in Snap
  • View All Submissions page loads slowly when using onlinetext and SafeAssign
  • HTML 5 video isn’t reproducing inserted videos
  • New messages are being shown twice
  • Wrong mod-database metadata in Snap
  • Fix master branch
  • Create indexes for MP 2 for enhancing event query performance
  • Snap personal menu displays notifications for activities pending deletion
  • My Courses dashboard shows Forum posts from groups not available to the user in Snap
  • Snap course lazy loading displays the wrong course dashboard
  • Fix upgrade local_mrooms
  • Ancient events sent to Ally
  • The refactor in messages menu is missing
  • Collaborate plugin isn’t allowing profile pictures to be edited in Ultra session
  • Snap menu displays deadlines from hidden courses
  • SafeAssign files_accepted language string should be independent of Global Reference Database setting
  • Fix master build from October 7th
  • Exit Book navigation doesn’t take user to the current section in Snap
  • Access restriction text display incorrect if group or grouping name contains apostrophe
  • Unable to share content in Mahara
  • Upgrade mod_attendance or Backport mod_attendance fix for error in auto_mark scheduled task
  • New section content requires to be saved twice to hold the text in Snap
  • ally-actions placement element obscured by snap-asset-actions
  • Personal Menu issues with Deadlines, Feedback and Grading after deleting courses in Snap
  • The messages preferences template has been removed
  • Tokens not added to display alert action
  • Access restriction text breaking in Snap when dependent activity has quote character
  • Course and activity settings are displayed wrong in Snap
  • Subchapter option isn’t available for Book activity in the Snap theme
  • Content isn’t aligned correctly in the page resource in Snap
  • The word PAGE now displays above page resources in Snap
  • An error displays on group messaging
  • Icons for SCORM and IMS Content aren’t working in Snap
  • Fixed Behat automated test for adding discussions in Snap
  • If the browser is minimized in Snap, the link to the first section, section 0, in the table of contents isn’t functioning
  • Padding added to course causes white space issue
  • A status web services allows knowing how Ally updates are doing
  • Creation menu color isn’t in accordance to the Category color in Snap
  • The admin panel is hidden on some pages in Snap on mobile devices
  • Cache sharing and other fields aren’t being output
  • When SCORM is opened in a. popup window, bank space appears above the SCORM content in Snap
  • Messages page multiple UX issues in Snap
  • Application Branded Moodle in Mobile application
  • Security auth_saml2 update
  • Release OS plugins to Moodle plugins directory for 3.6 MP2
  • Check for a Behat random failure in accessibility feature test