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Open LMS EDU – 3.11 Release Notes

Here’s everything you need to know about the Open LMS 3.11 Release. This is a working document, so follow this page and check back often for updates!

Release Schedule

Production Data Center Upgrade Schedule

December 30, 2021

  • North America, Central America, South America (Virginia, USA datacenter): Clients will be upgraded according to their timezone:
    • Eastern, Amazon, and Newfoundland-Labrador Timezones: December 30, 2021, at 12:30 AM – 6:30 AM EST
    • Central Timezone: December 30, 2021,  at 12:30 AM – 6:30 AM CST
    • Mountain and Pacific Timezones: December 30, 2021, at 12:30 AM – 6:30 AM PST
  • South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil datacenter): December 30, 2021, at 12:30 AM – 6:30 AM BRT
  • EMEA (Frankfurt datacenter): December 30, 2021, at 12:30 AM – 6:30 AM CET
  • APAC excluding Australia and New Zealand (Singapore datacenter): December 30, 2021, at 12:30 AM – 6:30 AM SGT
  • Australia and New Zealand (Sydney, AU datacenter): December 30, 2021, at 12:30 AM – 6:30 AM AEDT

Non-Production Sites Upgrade Schedule

We will upgrade non-production (sandbox) sites on Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

Non-production upgrades occur during North American business hours to improve the quality of the upgrade process and shorten the production upgrade window. 

Downtime will be required for your production and non-production sites during this window

Major Features

Upgrade to  Core 3.11.3

Recommended browsers:

Moodle is compatible with any standards compliant web browser. We regularly test Moodle with the following browsers:


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

Note: Moodle 3.10 and above do NOT support Internet Explorer 11.

Safari 7 and below has known compatibility issues with Moodle 3.10 and above.


  • MobileSafari
  • Google Chrome

For the full releases notes from, please see:

Open LMS Mobile App version upgrade

Our Open LMS app is now in Moodle core’s version 3.9.5, please read more about this release’s improvements and updates in Moodle’s Documentation.

Read more about our app or download it from the stores.

Release Highlights:

  • Accessibility improvements to achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance
  • H5P improvements – play packages using as much screen as possible and improve the way they are embedded
  • Moodle 3.11 student activity completion support
  • LTI 1.3 launch support
  • iOS ITP settings support to allow the iOS version of the app to embed content from different URLs
  • New option in iOS for allowing a user to open a file using the system preview or a dedicated app
  • Plagiarism information displayed in essay question types
  • Word count support in quiz essay questions
  • Quiz pass grade displayed on quiz front page

Open LMS improvements:

General improvements

  • Multichoice type of questions
  • SCORM package reloaded when clicking a link

QR authentication in the Mobile App

In Moodle’s Core mobile app, a feature to login via a QR was implemented, with two main possibilities:

Free plan – The user is sent to the login page where they have to type their username and password.
Pro and Premium plans – The user is sent directly to the home page of the site (without the need to add a username or password)

Since Open LMS worked with QR codes as if it were a free plan version of Moodle, the functionality seemed to fail for Open LMS users.

This has been changed so users can now log in via a QR code and be redirected to the application home page.

Special considerations:

Please consider that for standard security reasons, the device that generated the QR code needs to be on the same network as the mobile device where the user is trying to log in. They require the same public IP.

Moodle Highlights

Student activity completion

Now students have extended capabilities in terms of activity completion: The experience has been improved for students, as they can now see Activity dates and Activity completion conditions directly on the course page or when entering an activity. As per previously in SNAP, Boost, and Classic theme users can now manually complete an activity.

Accessibility tool

A new Accessibility toolkit by Brickfield Education Labs is now available as part of Moodle core. This tool allows teachers to identify course accessibility issues. The issues can be reviewed in heatmap form in the course, or in various reports and graphs.

H5P content improvements

The core H5P plugin has several improvements for this release. Content creators can now disable selected content types, can mark content as unlisted, and can easily see which contents are listed. As an additional feature, now content creators get a warning whenever they are about to delete content.

Quiz improvements

Teachers can now view overrides and students can view pass grades directly on the Quiz page. Teachers can also change the default setting of a question type, and retain it for future question creation, they can set a minimum and maximum word limit for essays, and if a plagiarism checker is installed, it now supports the Essay question type.

Other improvements

  • Better backpack management
  • Open Badges v 2.1 compliant
  • New Social profile field
  • Custom profile fields selectable in Show user identity
  • Control audio / video playback rates
  • Improved activity completion report
  • Search language packs
  • New PDF to PNG converter
  • Section links block
  • Restore/import role permissions

Special considerations:

Core custom profile fields and Conduit mappings

For 3.11, Moodle Core removed some user profile fields and converted them to custom profile fields. This change should not disrupt any of Conduit’s processes, but please consider reviewing your Conduit mappings if you are using the following user profile fields:

Fields include:

  • Web URL
  • ICQ
  • Skype
  • AIM
  • Yahoo
  • MSN

If you are using any of these fields in Conduit’s mappings, please contact our support team for assistance in updating the mappings.

Plagiarism support for essay questions

Moodle has added plagiarism support for essay questions (MDL-32226). After reviewing the Open LMS team decided to hold any enhancements to SafeAssign to support essay questions for this release.

SCORM Activity Completion

Beginning with version 3.11.1, Moodle is now more strictly evaluating activity completion requirements on SCORM lessons.  The activity completion options on a SCORM lesson contain two “Require status” options, Passed and Completed.  Previously, regardless of which status was selected in the settings a SCORM attempt resulting in either a Passed or Completed status would allow for the lesson being marked as completed.  Now, however, the status returned by the lesson must match the status selected in the activity completion settings.  If the activity completion requirements for the SCORM activity do not match the status returned by the SCORM lesson, students may not be able to achieve activity completion on the SCORM lesson.

For impacted SCORM lessons, the general recommendation is to update the activity completion requirements on the existing lesson if prior activity completion data is not needed.  If previous activity completion data needs to be retained, make a copy of the lesson and update the activity completion requirements on the new lesson.

Open LMS Highlights

My Account redesign and responsive view

As part of our commitment to improving the Ax and usability of our Open LMS components and plugins, for this 3.11 release, we have redesigned the My Account plugin, making it more accessible, user-friendlier and responsive.

PLD – Run action only once

For this release, we have added to snap the option to run actions only once for each student or course participant.

PLD actions, such as Display alert or Send email, will run only once for each course user, when the events and conditions of the rule are met.

It is important to note that if you modify an existing rule, that has already triggered actions for users, the rule will be reset, and once conditions and events are met, actions will run again for all course participants.

UI, UX, and AX improvements

As part of our continuous improvement to SNAP, we have made the following UI, UX, and AX improvements to the theme.

SNAP – remove activities from Deadlines

For this release, we have removed the resource type Label from the Deadlines that appear in SNAP. We have done so, in order to have consistency with the functionality and rationale of the resource.

SNAP theme edition buttons

Using Snap theme, the edition buttons(Edit, Delete, Move Up and Move down)of the user profile fields were misaligned for the first and last row.

We changed the margins of the icons for Snap so it looks aligned with every icon for the view



Core custom control labels

Core has added custom control labels to some pages (Notification settings, messages page settings). Currently, these controls take the Core blue color as default, but to keep consistency with Snap, these controls were changed to take site color.



Accessibility Tool kit

The new Moodle core accessibility tool kit and its heatmap functionality didn’t look very pleasant in SNAP, so we modified the way it is presented, to keep the functionality, but make it more consistent with SNAP guidelines.



Font Family consistency

In SNAP, the theme used to have two main typographies for rendering text, the sans serif Roboto, and the serif Georgia. Due to several changes over time, the use of Georgia was reduced, so we moved to only use Roboto, for a more consistent and modern look for SNAP.



Plugin reviews and updates

Review all plugins in our Plugin Matrix

Updates to plugins you are already using will be made available on your site automatically; you do not need to request it. Plugins you are not already using will not be available automatically and will need to be requested in a support ticket.

Updated Plugins

New plugins

Brickfield accessibility tool2021051700tool_brickfield
Tool Certificate2021073000certificateelement_border

Updated community plugins

NameOld versionNew versionComponent
Atto: RecordRTC20201109002021051700atto_recordrtc
Completion Progress block20200810002021070900block_completion_progress
Collapsed Topic course format20201109052021061203format_topcoll
Custom certificate20201109002021051700customcertelement_bgimage
Google SAML Auth20210601002021112600auth_gsaml
Group choice20210408002021083100mod_choicegroup
HTML5 audio/video to MP4 filter20191129012021061800filter_html5avtomp4
Lightbox Gallery20210331002021101400mod_lightboxgallery
Microsoft Skydrive20201109002021051700repository_skydrive
More font colors 20180502022021062100atto_morefontcolors
Mod Dialogue20171113002021062900mod_dialogue
Sharing Cart20210313002021092900block_sharing_cart
Theme assets20210601002021112600tool_themeassets
Zoom meeting 20210314002021110400mod_zoom

OLMS maintained and vendor plugins

NameOld versionNew versionComponent
Atto: Teams Meeting 20200327012020032704atto_teamsmeeting
Google Apps20210601002021112600block_gapps
Microsoft Office 36520201109012021051705auth_oidc
Ellucian ILP Integration20200605022021100801block_intelligent_learning
MathType by WIRIS20210506002021110900filter_wiris
Respondus Lockdown Browser®20201207012021102701block_lockdownbrowser

End of life of plugins

To be removed in the 3.11 release – December 2021

Elluminate‘block_elluminate’ and ‘mod_elluminate’
Content publisher‘tool_cpub’ and ‘ltisource_cpub’
Open Social‘block_joulesocial’
Open Synchronous‘block_joulesync’

To be removed in 2022

We are considering EOLing Open Forums, as current core forums offer very similar functionality. It is still under revision and we will keep you informed on any updates and decisions regarding this.

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

Security fixes

3.10 MP2 HF4

  • Backport Moodle 3.10.8 security fixes

3.10 MP2 HF1

  • Snap theme: Paragraphs in the course section summary do not have a bottom margin
  • Backport Request: MDL-69092 – MDL-69504 Add pagination to the manage tools page to help with large volumes of tools
  • Ally – bug reported when using $CFG->preventexecpath = true;

3.10 MP2 HF3

  • Ally – Fix security vulnerabilities
  • Update eudedashboard October

3.10 MP2 HF4

  • IB report: issue to cherry-pick
  • Displays additional options when pressing enter in the “Note” field
  • Backport Moodle 3.10.8 security fixes

3.10 MP2 HF5

  • Backport MDL-72316 – SVG files being downloaded instead of served in SCORM activities

3.10 MP2 HF6

  • Backport of MDL-70376 fix for Annotate PDF Download issues with rotate page + annotations function


  • Deprecated functions for mod/hsuforum after 3.11.2
  • Deprecated functions for mod/iassign after 3.11.2
  • Snap theme broken after the merge of 3.11 version.
  • Local mrooms legacy log deprecation
  • Problem 229324 – Collaborate Ultra “download recordings” role Permission not working
  • In snap, ehe editing buttons of User profile fields display misaligned
  • Deprecated user_picture::fields() function after 3.11.2
  • Fix or remove the test “Error notification should have close dialog as aria-label attribute to be accessible”
  • Apply new 3.11 core ‘completion tracking’ changes to Assignment activity.
  • Access local_ce publicly
  • Add styles of the new Accessibility review block to Snap
  • 3.11 Updates: i_add_to_section() fails without javascript
  • 3.11 Deprecations: get_extra_user_fields functions
  • For Firefox browser the Browse Schema window is displaying with an error
  • 3.11 Deprecations: get_user_field_name() function
  • 3.11 Deprecations: grade string
  • Snap: Verify that clicking on the user picture image does nothing (it is not a link).
  • 3.11 Deprecations: Develop custom completion class for mod_goone
  • Deprecated completion tracking functions for theme/snap
  • Sharing cart, Copy section is not working on Classic and Boost themes
  • 3.11 Bug: Custom completion rule not showing up in mod_collaborate
  • mod_lti version bump
  • Fix CCM jasmine tests
  • 3.11 Deprecations: Develop custom completion class for mod_hvp
  • 3.11 Deprecations: Strings related to dropped fields from core tables
  • Conduit – In reports section is displaying an error for the table
  • New AX steps to CQM
  • Deprecated get_all_user_name_fields function after 3.11.2
  • 3.11 Deprecations: Develop custom completion class for mod_hotpot
  • PLD Action not saving Edits in HTML View
  • Atto editor bootstrap grid wrapping text mid-word
  • 3.11 Deprecations: Develop custom completion class for mod_ouwiki
  • Drift Widget messenger icon is duplicated on H5P activity pages.
  • Ally – Raise event to Ally when a course is copied
  • Local_o365, Behat warning message is displayed to users
  • 3.11 Updates: Deletion of /message/defaultoutputs.php
  • Snap and CQM – Move styles added in INT-15915 out of Snap and into styles-snap.css
  • Backport: mod_forum performance improvement
  • “Blocks editing on” button is present on certificate activity
  • 3.11 Deprecations: Develop custom completion class for mod_collaborate
  • 3.11 Deprecations: Develop custom completion class for mod_questionnaire
  • Implement the new AX steps to CQM
  • 3.11 Updates: Display the activity information inside the activities (update the renderer)
  • Collaborate Ultra “download recordings” role Permission not working
  • In Snap, Custom control labels should take site color.
  • In snap, ehe editing buttons of User profile fields display misaligned
  • Create GO1 README
  • Deprecated user_picture::fields() function after 3.11.2
  • Deprecated get_all_user_name_fields function after 3.11.2
  • Deprecated functions for mod/hsuforum after 3.11.2
  • Review mod_customquiz failing tests
  • local/mrooms phpunit issues after 3.11.2
  • Liquidus scripts are duplicated

3.11 RC2

  • Backport MDL-72316 – SVG files being downloaded instead of served in SCORM activities

3.11 RC4

  • 3.11 Deprecations: Develop custom completion class for mod_tincanlaunch
  • Review the test_cleanremoteaddr Unit test

3.11 RC5

  • The tool_ally_get_content function’s contenturl points to a URL in another course
  • Open Grader list of uses for grading does not match assignment grading table users that require grading
  • CampusVue Scheduled Tasks report logs are showing successful even when the task throws an error
  • Backport MDL-72566 – Courses or users are having the Error code: invalidcoursemodule