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Calendar Events

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The calendar displays these event types:

  • Global: Viewable in all courses. Created only by site administrators or a user with rights to create site-wide events.

  • Course: Viewable only within a course; created by an instructor.

  • Group: Viewable only by members of specific groups; created by an instructor.

  • User: Private event created by an individual user, including students, and viewable only by that user.

You can add you own events in the school calendar. These events are only visible to you in your personal calendar view.

Add a user event

Easily manage calendar events, including new category events, in the popup window. The calendar provides drag and drop event updates, which allows you to easily change events created manually in the calendar by dragging and dropping them to the new date.

  1. From the Calendar, select New event.
  2. Enter or select this information:
    • Event title: The name as it appears on the calendar.
    • Date:The date the event appears on the calendar.
    • Type of event: The type of event as it appears on the calendar
    • Category: The category where to display the event.
  3. Select Save changes. Your event appears on the calendar. Remember that this is a user event – it is not visible to other members of the class.

Edit a user event

  1. Locate the event on the calendar.
  2. Select on the event title.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Make the necessary changes, and then select Save changes.

You can also drag and drop the calendar event onto the new date.

View a calendar event

Activities in a course that have an associated due date will auto populate the Course Calendar on the specified date.

  1. From the calendar, select the event title to view the individual event.
    Use these calendar controls to adjust your view:
    • Preferences: Change the Time display format, set the First day of the week, number of Maximum upcoming events, Upcoming events look-ahead, and whether or not the calendar will Remember filter settings when you return.
    • Course: View events from a specific course.
    • Events key: View or hide by event type.
    • Monthly view: Select a specific month of the calendar.
    • Export calendar: Export all events in iCal format to view events externally using a different software program.
    • Manage subscriptions: Import external calendar events into the school calendar.

Set calendar preferences

  1. From the calendar, select Preferences.
  2. Select settings from each menu to change the corresponding preferences.
    • Time display format: Display time in 12 or 24 hours formats.
    • First day of week: Select which day starts the calendar week.
    • Maximum upcoming events: Set the maximum number of upcoming events you want to display.
    • Upcoming events look-ahead: Set the maximum number of days in the future an event starts in order to be displayed as an upcoming event.
    • Remember filter settings: Set the calendar to remember filter settings from your last session.
  3. Select Save changes.

Manage subscriptions

You can connect your Open LMS calendar to other personal calendars with a subscription. Subscriptions are created by entering a calendar url or uploading an .ics file.

Subscribe to a calendar

Locate the Calendar block and select the month you want to access. The calendar will open in the center of the page.

Select Manage subscriptions. Set the appropriate calendar subscription settings, and then select Add.

You will now see details listed for the calendar subscription in the Manage subscriptions section.

Choose Update to change the details of the calendar, or Remove to delete the subscription.