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Tips for submitting an assignment

  • Start your assignment as soon as you can. Plan to submit your assignment a day or two early. That way, if you have an issue, you will have time to contact technical support and your instructor.
  • Be prepared. Have any materials that you need at hand.
  • Read all of the instructions. If you have any trouble submitting your assignment or understanding questions, contact your instructor immediately.
  • Review the Submission status for your assignment. Advanced grading methods like rubrics can be found in the Submission status of an assignment. Review this information before submitting your assignment. It may help you better prepare.

Submit assignments

Assignments allow your teachers to collect your work, review it, and provide you feedback including grades. Depending on how an assignment is configured, you can submit files (Word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, audio, video clips) or type your response directly into a text box.

Submit an assignment

Steps in Snap: Assignment > Add submission

Steps in other themes: Assignment > Add submission

Find the assignment and select the title. You can find assignments in your course and from the calendar.

If your institution uses the Snap theme, you can also find assignments in your Personal menu. Select your name and avatar at the top of the page to open your Personal menu.

  1. Open the assignment.
  2. Select Add submission.
  3. Type Online text or add File submissions, if required.
  4. Select Save changes.

You can review the Submission status, add Submission comments, or edit your submission.

Feedback and grades

Steps in Snap: Assignment > Submission status

Steps in other themes: Assignment > Submission status

Grades and feedback are released after your teachers finishes grading the assignment.

  1. Find the assignment and select the title to open it.
  2. Expand the Comments box in the Submission comments area.
  3. Type your Comments and select Save comment, if you want to respond or ask questions.

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