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Course Layout

Each course page is as unique as your teacher.

Teachers can choose from several design themes for their courses, and they can format the courses according to how they teach. This section goes over the different layouts available to your teachers and how you can use them.

Find your way around Snap

Snap is a theme that presents courses in a modern and intuitive layout. Snap is responsive so you can access courses from any device. The structure of Snap promotes a focus on the learning content. It presents the content in a single column. Information flows from top to bottom.

Each section or topic is a separate web page. This helps you focus on each topic without any distractions. Blocks are in their own area found in Course Dashboard.

At the start of each course is a table of contents. The table of contents creates a clear overview of the course structure. This structure means you can navigate to each section in the course with ease. If completion tracking is enabled, it also shows your progress through each section in the course.

You can tell where you are in the course from the course table of contents. The section you are in is in plain text.

Course tools are in one simple location. Select Course Dashboard in the table of contents to go to them. Blocks are also found in this area.

A recent activity stream is available in the course footer. It shows you a snapshot of what happened recently in the course.

Snap uses icons and cards to help you recognize resources and activities at-a-glance. The color for popular file types match the product color. For example, a glossary is green. This makes the file types easier to scan. If activity completion is enabled, a check mark shows once you have completed an activity.

The personal menu is the best place to see everything important you need to know at-a-glance. It includes feedback, grades, and forum posts. Go to the new Moodle feedback page and see all your courses and grades to date. Select My Courses at the top of your screen to stay engaged and keep current with what others are saying.

Current courses

Courses sorted by end date

Starred or Favorited Courses: Snap allows you to favorite a course by selecting the star icon in the course card. This functionality remains across themes, which means no matter where you mark a course as a favorite or which theme you use, the course consistently remains a favorite.

Updated dashboard

Starting in version 3.6, we’ve added some enhanced features to your dashboard. The dashboard below is in the Snap theme, but these same features are available in all themes.

  • Customize your dashboard to add more blocks.
  • Filter which courses appear in your dashboard.
  • Star a course to make it a favorite or hide it from view.
  • Sort courses by Course name or Last accessed.
  • Sort courses into Card view, List view, or Summary view.

Course formats for designs other than Snap

When a teacher uses a design theme other than Snap, the teacher can decide the layout of the course, such as by topic or by weekly agenda.

Course Format Description Image
Weekly Organizes course content in a weekly format with clear start and finish dates. A section exists for each week of a course, where a teacher adds content, forums, quizzes and more in the section for each particular week of a course. A weekly format helps make it clear about what you should address within a course at any time.

Topics Organizes course content into sections in sequential order. Each topic section consists of activities, resources, and labels. Teachers can give unique titles to each topic. Labels can be use to insert questions or important notes.

Collapsed View

Organizes course content in a way that allows topics (except Topic 0) to be toggled on and off. Submit a support ticket to have this course format enabled on your site.

Dock or undock a Block in a course

If your teacher uses a design other than Snap or Boost, you will be able to toggle the view of the navigation block. By docking blocks, you can consolidate space.

To dock a block:

  • Locate the block to be docked and click the Move this to the dock icon. The block moves to the margin. Point to the docked block to see the contents.

To undock a block:

  • Click Undock this block. The block moves back to the original position in the site margin.