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How do I see my grades?

You can find your grades in several places. You choose where you want to check them!

  • Activity: Open an assignment or quiz activity to see the grade in the activity summary.
  • Open Grader: Use the Open Grader to see grades for your submitted assignments and forum posts only.
  • Gradebook: Go to the Gradebook to see how you are doing in all of your courses and on each of your activities.
  • Reports: Use the Reports to track your progress in your course.
  • Personal menu: In Snap you can view your course grades from your personal menu. Select your name and avatar to open your Personal menu.

View your grades

Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Gradebook

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Gradebook

From the Gradebook you can view overview and user reports.

  • Overview report: See how you are doing overall for each course.
  • User report: See how you are doing on each assignment, quiz, and activity in the course. You can select the activity name to view the submission.

View grades in the Grader

Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Open Grader

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Open Grader

From the Grader you can review your assignments and forum posts submitted for grading. You can see your grade and discuss comments or grades with your instructor.

  • Use the arrows or drop-down menus to move between your submitted assignments and forum posts.
  • Review your grade and instructor feedback from the Grading panel. Add your own comments, if you want to respond.
  • View your files, text, and forum posts.
  • Change your view or return to the course.

Track your progress with reports

With reports you can track activity and view grades for courses you are currently enrolled in. Use reports to track your grades, track assignment submissions, view your forum, glossary, and wiki post history, quiz submissions, outcomes and more.

More on Reports

View rubrics

A rubric is an assessment tool that tells you what you need to do to get the grade you want. Rubrics also help instructors grade all submissions fairly and consistently.

Rubrics are made up of rows and columns. The rows correspond to the different criteria of an activity. The columns correspond to the level of achievement expressed for each criterion. A description and point value for each cell in the rubric defines the evaluation and score of an assignment. You can create as many rubrics as you need.

Instructors can add rubrics to assignments and Open forums.

  • View assignment rubrics: Open an assignment and view the Submission status to see the rubric information. You can also view assignment rubrics from the Grader.
  • View Open forum rubrics: Open the Grader and select View grading rubric.

Rubrics with Turnitin assignments aren’t available in the Grader before you submit your paper. If there should be a rubric, ask your instructor to send it to so you can meet the assignment requirements.

View grading checklists

Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Open Grader

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Open Grader

Checklists show you a list of grading criteria and the associated grade values. Use the checklist to understand the criteria your teacher will grade you on for Assignments and Open Forums.

View graded assignment checklists from the assignment or from within the Grader. View graded Open forum checklists from the Grader.

A checklist can include feedback, group/overall points, and a final grade based on total points possible. A checkmark means that you received credit for the criteria grade, while an X means you did not receive credit for the specific criteria.